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Welcome to the Internet site of the book titled:
"JUKU - The Stealth Force of Education and the Deterioration of Schools in Japan."

It comprehensively addresses school and supplementary (shadow) education in Japan and is factually the first book of this kind.

There wasn't a perspective to explain historical and sociological background of the juku phenomenon in Japan, though vast majority of students and the parents are so enthusiastic about the supplementary education services such as jukus and yobikos.

I think that my attempt in this book has succeeded to some extent in presenting an overall picture of the Japanese student life and now expect to see scrutiny and criticism from readers as well as further study by education academics, Japanologists and others.

Also in other countries, many activities arise out of despair over school education and are recently studied by researchers. I would be happy, if this book could add materials to such study.

Mission of this site is to provide the information on the latest development in the educational scene in Japan in the Blog page and to welcome the readers' feedback. 

If you are interested, please visit the related Amazon site, where you can see the introduction chapter of the book. 

I would be very grateful, if you could leave your comments, opinions and messages in the guestbook page.

About the Author
Manabu Watanabe is a writer and translator. He was engaged in international cooperation projects. Although he obtained master's degree in the United Kingdom, he received the school education from the elementary school to university in Japan.