Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home Delivery Lecture

The home delivery lecture may be the ultimate form of the Internet-assisted education. Some juku companies have launched this type of service. Below are some of them.

*Shuei iD Yobiko

The above Shuei iD Yobiko offers a service package consisting of Q and A service, counseling service, verification tests, the schedule and achievement management system in addition to video lectures. Although every communication is carried out on line, the package components are almost the same with those of the drop-in Internet-cafe type.

*Hello e-Sensei

Hello e-Sensei (sensei = teacher) offers not video lectures but one-on-one interactive live lectures. You can see the sample movies at the bottom of the above URL.

*Shinkenzemi Challenge Tablet Next

Shinkenzemi is not necessarily a juku but the bland name of an old-established correspondence course by mail, in which a student works on a test, sends the answer sheet to the company, and receives the corrected sheet with comments. In the new service, the correspondence course is combined with Internet (tablet). The explanation video is available for each question on line, and when students have difficulty in solving questions, they can ask immediately from the tablet, as shown in the product promotion movies of the above URL.

It is logically right to opt for the home delivery service if a student seeks a more convenient lifestyle. However, students in urban area may prefer to commute to the drop-in type juku, because many of them are not in the mood to go straight back home in the afternoon in Tokyo or other big cities where it is fun to stroll about. Anyway, I haven't come across any surveys showing which type of shadow education is used most, second most, ...

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